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     You can join the BrushMagic Kids program for free. However, you have to qualify by completing a few requirements. These are listed in the Eligibility and Requirements sections on this page.

     To join the program, you will have to sign up as a Member by clicking on the "Login In / Sign Up" label located at the upper right of the Home Page. When you get to the "Log In" page, click on "Sign Up". After you sign up, you can click on "MEMBERS" and then select "Apply" to fill out the on-line application form.

      After you complete the on-line application, you will need to create a drawing or picture of our planet, Earth. Send us your artwork and your current report card to the BrushMagic Kids' address. You can redact any personal information (other than name and grades) on the report card. Once we receive your package, we will assign you a number which will be used in weekly drawings. We will try to perform a lottery drawing on a weekly basis and the winner will be awarded a prize of $50.00 or more. The Board of Directors can modify the number of recipients or the prize amount at their discretion.


You are eligible to apply for the BrushMagic Kids Scholarship program if:

  • You are a student in Kindergarden to 12th Grade.

  • Your current GPA is 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).

  • You maintain consistent attendance with minimal absences/tardiness.

If you're eligible, send us the following items:

Your drawing of the Planet Earth

(8.5" x 11"). You can use pencil, crayon or paint to draw your artwork.

(We will use this as your avatar on our website.)

Report Card or Transcript

Please take a picture of your Planet Earth drawing and your Report Card and upload the image files (in JPEG/JPG or PNG format) using the UPLOAD button on the online application.


Attend school daily; limited absences or tardiness.

Be an honor student. Work towards getting on the honor roll and remain an honors student.

No smoking. Never start. It stinks and it can make you and others sick.

No alcohol. Alcohol impairs your thoughts and impedes your motivation to succeed in life.

No drugs. Drugs lead to a dead end. They will prevent you from attaining your aspirations, dreams, and goals.

No violence. Say No to Weapons and Violence. All lives are precious. Guns and knives can take lives.

No bullying. Lift others up. Be kind, not mean. Refrain from pushing, hitting, gossiping, name-calling, teasing, threats, rumors, lies, and cyberbullying.

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