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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. The Mission of the BrushMagic Kids program:

     Our objective is to help motivate our young people to strive to excel in their academic pursuits. In some families, the parents, grand-parents, other family members, or guardians would encourage their young children with various rewards for excelling in school. However, we realize that not all families can afford to provide rewards so we want to help all families by offering modest monetary awards to help encourage their children to work harder on their academics. Our world is a competitive environment. We firmly believe that our young people can thrive and make this world a better place by being as highly educated as they can be.


2. Who are the BrushMagic Kids?

     The BrushMagic Kids are the Ambassadors for our program. They are the avatars that represent the ideals that we want to instill and encourage in our children. These ideals are kindness, intelligence, integrity, bravery, charity, empathy, and many others. They promote the qualities that guide our children to try to always "do the right thing".


3. How can I participate in the BrushMagic Kids program?

     As we start this program, we plan to offer modest awards to students through a random drawing on a regular basis. To qualify for the drawings, a person must meet several requirements that are listed in the "Eligibility and Requirements" section of this website. If a student qualifies, then one of their parents or a guardian can join as a Member on the website. Once they become a Member, they can fill out an online application and upload the required documentation for each of the kids that they want to enroll.


4. How do you determine if a student meets the requirements for being an "Honor Student"?

     For students that get conventional report cards, we request that the parent or guardian submit a copy of the student's report card so that we can verify that the student has achieved an average grade of B or better (or the equivalent of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale). For children in younger grades where they don't use numeric grades, we request a copy of their progress reports to look for evidence that the child is excelling and is generally performing as a good student. For students that are home schooled and don't receive grades, we request that their instructor(s) certify in writing that their student achieved results comparable to a 3.0 or better G.P.A.


5. Why does the student have to draw a picture of the Earth and submit it? 

     We want each student to gain a little appreciation of the planet that they live on and this will also show a little bit of commitment on their part to this program. We plan to use their drawing of Earth as their avatar on our website.


6. What are the rules for the Prize Drawings?

     We plan to perform a weekly drawing to randomly award $50 to a qualified student. Since the drawings are conducted randomly using the Student's Number, a student may win more than one time.  Our Board of Directors reserve the rights to modify the frequency of the drawings and amount of the prize at any time.  When a student wins a prize, we may request a copy of their "report card", or equivalent, again, if more than 6 months have elapsed since the last time they submitted one.


7. Who started the BrushMagic Kids?

     The founder of the BrushMagic Kids program is Mr. Peter Ng. Peter is an artist who has supported many charities in the past.


8. How is this program funded?

     The initial funding for this program comes from the proceeds of artwork created by Mr. Peter Ng. You can view examples of his excellent artwork on his website at

Several organizations have also expressed interest in joining us as partners to support this program.


9. Does the BrushMagic Kids qualify as a non-profit charity?

     Not yet. We are in the process of filing the required paperwork to set up BrushMagic Kids as an official 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

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