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We, at BrushMagic Kids, value every child on Earth. We believe education is the catalytic foundation for a better world. BrushMagic Kids was created to encourage youths to achieve their best in their education. We are a non-profit entity that strives to promote impetus for change. Our mission is driven through support, empowerment, and progress. Our program encourages youths to achieve academic excellence through incentive for performance delivery. Learn more about our program by visiting our FAQ page.


To endow the future of our youth by encouraging them to pursue and excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Arts, and Humanities.


Education propels the foundation for enduring peace.


Aspire to Inspire before you Expire


     We created the BrushMagic Kids program to encourage young students to strive to do their best in their studies because we believe that education is the foundation for a better world. We provide this encouragement by rewarding kids for getting good grades. The reward is a cash prize awarded to member students selected on a random basis.


   You can join the BrushMagic Kids program for free. However, you have to qualify by completing a few requirements. These are listed in the Eligibility and Requirements sections on this website.

     To join the program, you will have to sign up as a Member by clicking on the "Login In / Sign Up" label located at the upper right of the Home Page. When you get to the "Log In" page, click on "Sign Up". After you sign up, you can click on "MEMBERS" and then select "Apply" to fill out the on-line application form.

      You will also need to create a drawing or picture of our planet, Earth. Upload your artwork and your current report card (in JPG/JPEG or PNG format) to the BrushMagic Kids' website when you fill out or update the application.. You can redact any personal information (other than name and grades) on the report card. Once we receive all of these items, we will assign you a number which will be used in weekly drawings. We will try to perform a lottery drawing on a weekly basis and the winner will be awarded a prize of $50.00 or more. The Board of Directors can modify the number of recipients or the prize amount at their discretion.



Peter Ng, Founder

Peter Ng is the founder of BrushMagic and BrushMagic Kids.  He is a scholar of Chinese culture in the areas of folk dancing, music, martial arts, painting, and calligraphy.  His beginnings as a Calligraphist and Artist started as a young child living in Hong Kong. His family survived by doing piecework painting miniature toy soldiers.  Peter and his siblings painted thousands of toy soldiers.  At an early age, Peter had a passion for drawing and painting.  The family had no money to buy paper, so he practiced drawing and painting on toilet paper (very coarse and stiff at that time).  When he immigrated to the US at 10 years old, Peter spent many hours drawing and painting comic book superheroes.  During his middle school years, he won numerous art contests and was awarded the Boston Globe Gold Key. Later in life, he had the opportunity and privilege to create art full time.

Peter’s passion is to perfect the art of Chinese calligraphy by creating his own style based on the movement of the sword and the brush.  Today, he continues to promote his culture by preserving the art of modern Chinese calligraphy.


His goal is to give back to this great country by investing in the future of American youth.  Most of the proceeds from his artwork sales go toward funding "BrushMagic Kids" scholarships to encourage studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, as well as for studies in the Arts and Humanities.


Jen Ng Head Shot.tif

Jennifer Ng, Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Ng is the CEO of BrushMagic Kids, a non-profit organization helping to develop children and adolescents around the world by encouraging studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Arts, and Humanities. Jennifer formed this 501(C)3 organization in order to give students an opportunity to pursue advancement in education regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or class. Jennifer has always had a keen interest in the arts and education. Following Jennifer’s graduation from the United States Air Force Academy, she continued service as an officer in the Air Force for fourteen years. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Area Studies with a minor in Japanese. Jennifer then received a Masters of Arts in Intelligence Studies. Jennifer strongly believes that education is the foundation for making changes in the world and is invested in helping to create opportunities for world peace.

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